Thursday 16 January 2014

Allegiance To The Social Contract

It is interesting that we are now recognizing that slavery is not necessary. These remaining years until we enter into the XXII Century will become the pinnacle period of evolutionary logic for humanity. There is no uncertainty about this issue. The age of corporate dominance is over. Wealth accumulation is now being substituted with the compassionate sydrome - we are not only now speaking of being thankful in our wisdom of resource development, we are actually developing the innate compulsion to consider our overwhelming impact upon the future of Earth as it pulsates through ecological changes.
We are being informed by the science communities that there is a remarkable distinguishment occurring within our brain patterns; which is illustrating that both the anterior sections and the frontal lobes are actually communicating with one another ... Logic and Conscience are finding structures through which to collaborate with Instinct.
And, it is most likely that that there will occur a truly universal ethic; one which will thrive beyond our historical hierarchical tribal systems that have been dominant since the dawn of human survival struggles.
Hence, it is most fruitful to begin our discussions - on a global platform - of the governance of resources; labour and issues of
Over the next 86 years we are about to witness the most remarkable evolution away from human slavery and infinte poverty; as we develop commerce and industry through For-Profit Humanitarian enterprises.

Thank you for taking this journey with us in this intensive discussion about binary governance; wherein, the historical and prevailing commerce and trade regimes will be challenged by the formation of global alternative governance based upon the ethic of inverse universal wealth distribution - where land stewardship dominates taxation regimes; where one is born into survival options that are adverse to the poverty and pain ethic of our industrial age. Wealth accumulation and the Malthusian economic practises are dwindling as allodial claims are being established as a fndamental stewardship logic.

Leaving the 21st Century, we will have developed the collaborative process through which to see populations thrive in a world of limited resources; while we commence our interplanetary journeys.